Scope of work:

Tahrir Academy (TA) is an blended learning platform that provides engaging learning experiences to stimulate the minds of Egyptian youth, empowering them to think, choose and decide. The project commits to Enable 1.6M learners to understand the content they learn through TA blended learning experience before 2020.

The Mathematics educator is responsible for designing math lessons, developing lessons’ content, preparing & solving exercises and practice problems via different learning tools (videos, articles, infographics, presentations, PDFs,...etc)

Through this opportunity, you will be the key to allow Nabadat (i.e. Tahrir Academy) to build a huge library of educational content that allows the project to become the biggest education project in Egypt and the region. You'll be able to contribute directly and indirectly to the growth and success of Nabadat, through your content development  skills and intellectual capability.

The crux of the role is to enrich Tahrir Academy’s library through designing & developing high quality mathematics lessons.


Job Description:


Basic Qualifications:


Job Requirements:

For interested applicants, please send your resume with the subject “Math Educator” to